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Add Master unit to ensure the quality of graduate

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Dołączył: 03 Mar 2011
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PostWysłany: Czw 8:42, 31 Mar 2011    Temat postu: Add Master unit to ensure the quality of graduate

Add Master unit to ensure the quality of graduate education practice and thinking

Have a guarantee training quality. 2.3 The further expansion of the mentor team. Assurance software development as a set only five years of undergraduate institutions, schools still on the positioning of undergraduate education, in addition to our existing commitment to a graduate teacher education and training tasks, many also the task of teaching both undergraduate and some administrative work. However, with the graduate school enrollment continues to expand, while the mentor funds for scientific research, energy, etc. is limited, which requires us to strictly adhere to the teacher selection system in schools, while those who want to discover young, educated,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are issues availability of funds to enrich the human tutor team. In addition, teacher evaluation is necessary to establish a scientific assessment indicators, combined with practical work with the instructors, scientific assessment, fair judge. Third, continue to insist on preferential treatment and dumping even mentors No. 43 Shelley Add stubborn persons unit to ensure quality of postgraduate training bearded ex ■ Practice and ramp test 6 test policies for improving the teacher's enthusiasm. Fourth, in the implementation of teacher accountability, while vigorously tutor group system of collective training for graduate students. So you can give full play to the professional advantages of the instructor, comprehensive guide for graduate students, and to the old and new, as soon as possible to promote the growth of youth mentor. 2.4 teaching graduate courses to increase and accelerate the pace of joint training of graduate teaching course construction is the core issue, we must continue to study for educational reform, particularly in the specialized and elective courses set on the development of the subject characteristics according to the ongoing reform; the same time, both inside and outside the province out of a number of well-known experts and professors of the University of speaker programs, broaden the students knowledge; to further explore ways and reform of graduate education, the implementation of heuristic and discuss the teaching style. In addition, continue to strengthen the co-culture, the counterpart to the cooperation of students of professional institutes or universities outside the province for a number of fraternal culture, the knowledge, expertise exchange and update other aspects, but also to ensure and improve the quality of graduate education as a way . Strengthen the management of postgraduate training, to improve training quality, so that graduate education to better meet the needs of social development is a systematic project, which involves schools, colleges and instructors under graduate recruitment, training, management and other aspects of graduate work. Add Master unit to ensure and improve the quality of graduate education is a very challenging task, as long as the emancipation of the mind, eager to explore, to be able to find a practical and consistent with new master unit features new ways of training graduate students. [

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