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Art education helps improve the overall quality of

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PostWysłany: Czw 8:40, 31 Mar 2011    Temat postu: Art education helps improve the overall quality of

Art education helps improve the overall quality of college students

Lenovo United States have revealed the mystery of the genetic code of life ... ... This shows the relationship between art and science. Necessary physical and mental health is everyone has the basic qualities of mind and body art on improving the quality of college students have an invaluable role. When we engage in learning or creative art, we need to integrate into the nature, social integration, which not only exercises the body, and the United States in which the fun. Marx said: feel feel good. Then relax the body, help eliminate a variety of factors harmful to health problems, help promote healthy biochemical substances in secretion, thereby promoting health and improve health. According to statistics, artists and more longevity, the average age higher than that of good communication professionals. Fine arts helps the body's healthy development, but also contribute to people's mental health. As society increasingly fierce competition, increasing pressure on students learning, psychological self-control is under severe test of their mental health problems has been widespread concern and improve the psychological quality becomes less urgent and important. Learning art of psychological balance, coordination can play a good role. First, the art to eliminate the human brain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a high degree of tension and fatigue, so that all parts of the brain excitatory and inhibitory alternating order, thus contributing to a balanced and healthy development of brain function. Second, art can give vent to their emotion, ease mood, eliminate depression, the mental equilibrium. Fine Arts students in the learning process involved, can not help but have happy pride, will feel that life is full of sunshine, hope for the future, the character will become open, generous. At the same time they will have good temperament and demeanor, will remain distinct personality. Art not only for the students moral, intellectual, physical Chu have a greater role in promoting, and will enhance their overall aesthetic level, so that the students the perfect personality. Through the study of Chinese art history. We will learn the Chinese art of five thousand years of splendid culture, students will enhance national pride, so students are more love for the motherland: Through the study of art, we can create works of art, able to fully express their feelings, and rich amateur life; by learning photography, we will know how camera viewfinder, how to choose the best angle to better moment for the United States; through the study of clothing design, we will know how to dress, how to decorate themselves, the better to show his training and temperament; the environment through the art of learning, we will know how to create beautiful work and living environment, it also brings us to form a protective nature, good habits to protect the environment; through the study of product design, we will elegant roses to purchase items to make our life more colorful ... ... college students as a representative of advanced social productive forces, the future no matter what kind of job, take what position in society, if they have a higher aesthetic standards. This not only will bring endless benefits of their own, but also for social development will also play a potentially far-reaching impact. Aesthetic education is to cultivate and improve the overall quality of students an important way and necessary means. As a main course of the art aesthetic, the quality of education in the college students should be attached great importance to all concerned. College students should create a favorable environment and conditions of art education, art education should be the establishment of specialized institutions, such as the Ministry of Public aesthetic, and require a high level of art teachers. Art class not just as a student elective, but should be a required course, students whose academic performance must be necessary for undergraduate study results. The opening of an art class lessons and lectures should be in the form of techniques combined with a comprehensive program to open some, such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, photography, Chinese art history, art history and other foreign countries, as well as practical art, such as environmental art, advertising packaging, fashion design, product design. Students on this time and according to their own interests to choose to study art class, complete the curriculum but also that they have had extensive contacts with various art fields of knowledge and to information, so full of art students to improve literacy. Only the aesthetic and moral education college, intellectual, physical location on the equally important task, the aesthetic needs of students can be fully met. Students are also aesthetic quality can only be really improved. Only in this way, students moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic aspects to get a comprehensive and balanced development. In order to fully realize the social value of the students themselves. (Dalian University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Arts teacher) Editor Deming long Yuanjun art education students help improve the overall quality of

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